Regan's Rock School

Since 1995

Regan's  Rock School
Gig Harbor, WA

also blues, pop, reggae, rap, ska, alternative, jazz, metal, classical, country, soul, folk, punk, funk, fusion, gospel, R&B  more

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Private and Groups
All Ages - All Styles - All Levels
Beginner - Intermediate - Professional
Guitars – Bass – Drums - Vocals - Keyboards - more

"OMG, Regan taught me how to play in like 17 seconds!"  Brandie

Hailey's audition for Tacoma School of the Arts: We record CD's, MP3's and more at Regan's Rock School

Start Today:  It's easy as "one, two, three, four"

1. Send us your message.  Tell us about the student including age, experience, instrument and interests. 

2. Let us know your available times for your special appointment.  We do our best to accommodate your busy schedule. 

We confirm your reservation and send you directions to the studio.  It's that easy to reserve the first session.

IMPORTANT: Before you contact us  We're not a music store

  • Space is limited
  • Instruments are required
  • Sorry we do not offer "free trials"
  • Advance payment is always required.
  • We schedule 4 weekly 30 minute sessions
  • The standard monthly tuition is $140 per month
  • Regan is not the cheapest because he is the best.  He is a "pro's pro" with a level of professional courtesy that is unmatched. Preferred customers are invited into Regan's private recording studio for the best instruction in the northwest.    He may take certain students or assign them to other teachers.  If you are serious about music, don't hesitate to apply for your appointment.


    Road Warrior Package

    6 months of  lessons

    Includes recording sessions

    Produce your own Audio CD's or MP3's

    Only $795.00 (advance payment required)

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    Cannibal Hamster

    Cannibal Hamster rehearses for TV at "The Gig Spot" our former Regan's Rock School stagel.  New stage available.  Groups welcome

    Here's who you are looking for in a teacher:

    Steady.  Regular schedule.  Always prepared.  Nice to you.  Patient with you.  Dedication to you.  Devotion to teaching.  Passionate about teaching.  Always delivers.  Always there to help you with you.  Rare cancellations (almost never). Musical focus and training.  Leading, guidance and direction.

    Here's who Regan is looking for in a student:

    Steady.  Regular schedule.  Always prepared.  Nice to me.  Patient with learning.  Dedication to music.  Devotion to learning.  Passionate about learning.  Always shows up.  Always punctual (and with payment!).  Rare cancellations (almost never).  Interested in music.  Musical focus and practice.  Follows my lead, guidance and direction


    and how cool is Mitchell? 

    FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q: Where are you located?

    A:  We're a private recording studio/home on the waterfront in the beautiful Wollochet Bay Wildlife Estuary.  We have residential parking, a waiting room area and garden grounds to walk. Please email us for our private studio address.

    Q:  How much are lessons?

    A: Currently $140 per month.  Regan is not the cheapest because he is the best.

    Q:  How does it work?

    A:   You get four 30 minute weekly sessions paid monthly in advance. Tuition covers one month, or up to 3 months in advance. Tuition is the same regardless of attendance.  Regular attendance is up to the student. Take advantage of as many or as few of your sessions as you wish - just like at college or any other private school. New students who start mid-month pay a prorated amount for the partial month.  Each month is four weeks.  We take the fifth week off.

    Q:  How should I pay you?

    A: Cash or Check only.  We do have a card swipe machine, but they add a nearly 4% charge.  Use if you choose.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Important!  We will not be able to teach without advance payment. We work only with clients who pay regularly without any issues.  We are always here for you, please help us with our monthly obligations, thanks.

    Q:  How long are lessons?

    A:  30 minutes or 60 minutes are the most common lesson times.

    Q:  Can we do every other week?

    A:  Nope.

    Q:  Is she old enough?

    A:  Yes, music programs for children as young as 3.

    IMPORTANT NOTE! (because no one asks!)  We are not affiliated with the school system, so we are open  on MLK Day, President's Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, etc.  Please understand, school conferences, Winter/Spring breaks etc. do not apply to us.

    We close only for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, 4th of July. We may take the last two weeks of August this coming 2016.

    :::Why this policy is important to understand:::

    Q:  Can we get a "make up lesson"?

    A:  Sorry, we can't offer make-ups unless a missed lesson is our fault.  Late cancellations by students are always forfeited.

    Only special circumstances may allow a make-up lesson, i.e. act of nature.  Our schedule is always near full capacity so we simply cannot reschedule.

    IF we cancel an appointment on our end, which is very rare, we usually simply pro-rate your tuition at your next renewal.

    Thanks for your understanding that all serious music teachers have the same type of policy.

    Q:  "Can he play drums too?"

    A:  Yes.  We have stations for several popular music instrument. Pick up a bass, or play the synthesizer, hit the drum set or even ukulele.  Some students play several instruments.  We will have to schedule it with the appropriate instructor.

    Q:  Can I borrow a pick/cable/guitar?

    A:   We coach you to bring your own gear including extra strings, picks, tuners, cables, etc.  It's a valuable lesson for future performers!

    Q:  Can we watch?

    A:  You can watch from our closed circuit TV on request.  Barring some exceptions, private lessons are closed room sessions.  We do invite friends and family inside on occasion.

    Q:  Can my friends join in?

    Yes:  If a friend or family member wants to participate in the lesson it becomes a group session, so if a friend wants to come with you, just like at the movies, you'll need another ticket. 


    Our philosophy is "you learn by doing it yourself." 

    Please No Helicopters

     We're not like "Jack in the Box"

    ORDER:  "I'll take the finger picking and a side of theory please."

    CLOWN:  "That'll be three fifty at the window, please drive through"...

    Just sit back and let us do the coaching.  We've got this, thanks!

    "Helicopters" intervene when their kids are asked to handle anything by themselves.  When parents help beyond basic equipment and transportation, it's a setback to their progress.

    Regan says:  "In my 20 years of professional teaching the hardest thing to work with is the 'helicopter parent.'"  They insist on witnessing every moment of their child's musical growth.  Yet their hovering makes growth impossible for the young musician to focus.

    99.9% of all students have great fun here. Only twice in 20 years did I have a disagreement with a parent, "helicopters" who refused to allow me to teach what I determined to be best for that student.

    Their lack of music knowledge prevented anything outside their expectations being presented, like "basic rhythm". They argued and I showed them the exit.

    Bottom Line:  It's called "Regan's Rock School" for a reason.  If you don't trust Regan to do the job, then why not teach them yourself at home?

    You can always trust us to provide you with the best, most knowledgeable music expertise available anywhere.


    Regan C. Balman




    Bring Your Own Instrument and Folder.  Take all your things home with you when finished.
    Lessons will start on time and will end on time. This is to be fair to you and other students.
    If you arrive early, please be patient and know that your lesson will begin at the agreed time. 
    Coming early is always appropriate in music, to allow proper time for preparation of equipment and material
    If you arrive late, understand that the student scheduled after you is expecting to start on time, so your lesson must end on time.
    Students who take private lessons must practice a minimum of 30 minutes per day.  Students who fail to practice may be declined further lessons.

                                                          live in

    11 year old Mason answers questions on stage

    Regan Is Rock Star Recommended


    Even the pros bring their kids here.  Just ask Ernie "Guitar" Bailey, the guitar tech for the Foo Fighters and Nirvana who has brought his daughter Stella here for over five years, shown here in 2009

    stella and

    NOW:  Stella on stage in 2015 - coached by Stephanie Anne Johnson from  NBC's "The Voice" ONLY at Regan's Rock School

    Dave and

    Nirvana: Dave Grohl with Stella's dad Ernie "Guitar" Bailey


    Only The Best in Music Instruction
    since 1995

    Private or Groups
    Multiple Instructors
    Multiple Instruments
    Pro Recording Studio
    Performance Opportunities
    Strumming, soloing, shredding
    Reading, songwriting and theory
    Group training in any genre, includes jazz
    Only the Best music training studio anywhere

    Contact by Email only, Regan does not use the phone.