Regan teaches multiple instruments at various levels!

We also have qualified professional teachers for many instruments.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q:  Where are you located?

A:  Our classes are held at The Gig Spot, right at the end of the TCC soccer field in the middle of Gig Harbor.  Click for the detailed map.  (From Hwy 16 take the Gig Harbor City Center exit, take Wollochet Drive to Hunt, go left to 38th, left again and you are here. 

Q:  Are you closed when public school is closed?

A: No, we are not affiliated with any school system.  We are open on MLK day, President's Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, and of course we are open during Winter, Spring and summer break.  We close only for Christmas, New Years, Easter, 4th of July and Thanksgiving.

Q:  "Can she play drums too?"

A:  Absolutely.  We have stations for several popular music instrument.  Kids and adults can pick up a bass, or play the synthesizer, hit the drum set or even ukulele.  Some students play several instruments.  We will have to schedule it with the appropriate instructor.

Q:  How much are lessons?  

A:  The official website has all the info regarding our current rates.  All major credit cards are accepted with an added 3% transaction fee. Checks are fine, cash is always welcome. Payment is always due before the 5th of any month. More info below. You can save 10% by paying for three months in advance.

Tuition payments cover 4 lessons in 4 consecutive weeks. New students who wish to start lessons mid-month will pay a prorated amount for the partial month.

Tuition is the same for a four week month - or even three, or less.  Regular attendance is up to the student.  Exceptions are made only for certain special circumstances.  

Q:  Can I borrow a pick?

A:  Yeeeesss, however: We teach all students to arrive at each lesson fully prepared and equipped.  Always bring your own extra strings, picks, tuners, cables, etc.  Valuable lesson time is lost over borrowing these items.

Q:  Can we watch?

A:  We have comfortable seats for viewing on occasions and the whole family is always welcome, however private sessions are meant to be private with some exceptions. 

Q:  Can my friend join in?

If a friend or family member wants to participate in music and join in the group sessions, payment is required.  Again, we may request that private lessons be private for greater focus on the instructor.  A closed circuit TV channel can be made available for viewing.

Q:  Can we get a "make up lesson"?

A:  You may attend for free one of our special clinics offered periodically as one "make up" lesson.  Our schedule as at or near full capacity so we cannot reschedule your regular weekly appointment.  Please read the following information carefully, thanks.

IMPORTANT INFO on Payments and Scheduling

Lessons are based on a four week month.  If there is a month with five weeks in it we will either take the week off or sometimes offer a special music clinic instead.

Enrollment in our school is based on monthly tuition paid at the beginning of the month.  That payment reserves your special appointment each week for the coming month. 

Like any other private school, tuition is the same regardless of attendance.

We don't usually offer make-up sessions unless a missed lesson is our fault.  Late cancellations for illnesses or other reasons are forfeited. We are unable to fill a cancelled appointment on short notice, (or no notice as is sometimes the case.) 

Why we need this policy

We pay our instructors the same amount regardless of attendance.
Advance payment in full is the only way we can afford to do business. 

[sad details:  In the past we would ask for renewal every four lessons and we would only charge for the number of lessons actually taken.  Then we found we had nearly a 50% attendance loss on the day the students were set to renew, stretching 4 lessons often into 6 or more weeks.  Students without regular attendance end up costing us a lot more than we can afford to offer.]

We ask for payment in full before the 5th of the each month and if not we ask for a $15 late fee.  For new students starting in mid month we will pro-rate the amount either at the start or the beginning of the next month. 

Thanks for your understanding as all music stores have the same policy.

(If this policy doesn't suit your needs you will want to look elsewhere for lessons, likely with an independent instructor.  )



Always bring your folder, picks, turner, strap, cable, etc. to lessons and performances. If you don't have any one of these things, significant delays in your session will occur! (No amp required, but OK to bring.)

PARENTS and FRIENDS! PLEASE NO HELPING STUDENTS! Parents should resist the urge to help the students in any way beyond basic transportation.  Our philosophy is "you learn by doing!"  When parents help the students with setup or just carrying bags, cases, amps, strings, straps, etc., we think of it is a setback for their basic progress toward maturity.

Take all your things home with you when finished.  Lost items are hard to recover from any music venue!

Lessons will start on time and will end on time. This is to be fair to you and other students.If you arrive early, please be patient and know that your lesson will begin at the agreed time.  Coming early is always appropriate in music, to allow proper time for preparation of equipment and material.

If you arrive late, understand that the student scheduled after you is expecting to start on time and therefore your lesson will end at the agreed upon time.

Practice time at home is important to your development. Students who take private lessons should maximize the opportunity by practicing a minimum of 30 minutes per day.  Students who fail to practice may be declined further lessons.

Service is Guaranteed:  If you are not completely satisfied, a refund will be offered (but never requested in over 20 years!)

Thank you for your understanding about the need for this policy.  Please feel free to tell your friends and co-workers about the Rock School.   Thanks for your business and we look forward to our next music session.

Here's what you're looking for in a teacher.

Steady.  Regular schedule.  Always prepared.  Nice to you.  Patient with you.  Dedication to you.  Devotion to teaching.  Passionate about teaching.  Always delivers.  Always there.  Rare cancellations (almost never). Musical focus and training.  Leading, guidance and direction.

Here's what I'm looking for in a student!

Steady.  Regular schedule.  Always prepared.  Nice to me.  Patient with the instrument.  Dedication to music.  Devotion to learning.  Passionate about learning.  Always shows up.  Always pays on time.  Rare cancellations (almost never).  Interested in music.  Musical focus and practice.  Follows my lead, guidance and direction.  

It's called "Regan's Rock School" for a reason!  
When you are assigned by Regan to a particular class, group, instructor or program, it is with the understanding that you trust Regan to provide the best instruction his experience directs, regardless of preconceived notions some have about how students should learn music. 

Here's what we are not!
The "Burger King" of music instruction!

jackClient:  "I'll take the songwriting with the finger picking and a side of theory only, please."

Teacher:  "That'll be 67.50 at the window, please drive through"...

There are many opinions
on how to best teach music.  That's why I opened "Regan's Rock School", so I can teach the way I want to.  We always gear our lessons to the unique individual based on their present musical knowledge and aptitude, then we determine how best to musically educate them.

The only instances where the client was not happy, which has happened on exactly two occasions in now over twenty years, was when the client refused to follow my recommendations and allow me to teach in the way I deem to be the most appropriate for the particular student.  A girl was asked to sing "Louie Louie" and her parents argued.  (She was a beginner, it's a rock anthem, this is a rock school, we play rock songs, get the idea?) They disagreed with my approach and I declined them further service.

In my class I teach the differences between pros and amateurs:  When asked to perform "Row your boat" the amateur says "no I won't, it's a kids song."  The pro says "what style and what key?  That goes for Louie Louie, too!

People come here because we are the pros
Most parents are amateurs.  The pros that bring their kids here are pleased beyond measure.  Ask Ernie "guitar" Bailey the luthier for the Foo Fighters and Nirvana who has brought his daughter here for over three years.

So Parents: NO Helicoptering! This one final important notice to parents who might come here to argue and disagree and show us they know more about music than we do, please go ahead and teach it at home, thanks.

My 20 consecutive years of professional teaching
and the experience of our great staff means we trust you to trust us to teach music the way we know best.  You will see amazing results.