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40 year player, 20 year teacher

Many references on request
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Regan a.k.a. "Octaman"
Full-time private music instructor Regan Balman has played on stage in top bands and has recorded several full length music CD's.

Cakewalk Sonar software, Dual Core Athlon X2 2.4 Ghz 3.0 GB Ram 360 GB computer, Allen & Heath ZED 12-FX, Mackie THUMP Th-15A Powered Monitors, Alesis MONITOR ONE MKII 2-Way Nearfield Reference Monitors, Alesis RA500 Power Amp, Panasonic sv-3700 DAT recorder, Alesis QS6.1 Keyboard, Alesis 3630 compressor, Lexicon Reverb,Yamaha DTXPRESS III Electronic drum set, extra Alesis D-4 drum module, Shure 57 mic, Studio Projects C-1 condenser mic, other various mics, Roland D-110 Sound Module, Peavey SP-3 monitors, Behringer V-amp guitar modeler, Roland Jazz Chorus amp, pro pedal board, Hartke bass amp, Yamaha RB850 bass, Vantage electric guitar, Fender mini-squier, Fender Acoustic, Epiphone Acoustic, Acoustic guitar amp, Dean Markley acoustic pickup, Sony and Technics headphones
Also play folk, blues, classical, country, reggae, alternative, jazz, metal, R&B and more!
Any songs! All songs! Your songs
Learn in a real live stage environment!
Play the Beatles, Elvis, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, U2,
AC/DC, Green Day, Linkin Park, Foo Fighters
Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and more

We offer special added group classes for the following:
  • Songwriting
  • Performance
  • Recording
  • Drums
  • Guitar
Ask for available class times!

And, coming back to Regan's Rock School
Devon Evans from Bob Marley and the Wailers!
Devon and
                                BobDevon Evans
                  and Bob Marley
Devon Evans: Grandmaster percussionist
A member of the original Wailers, Devon will be presenting a rhythm seminar at Regan's Rock School once again very soon! Call now to reserve your advance tickets. Learn from one of the all time greats!  Bring your percussion instruments.
                      percussion groupDevon
Live Music featuring Devon, Regan and his students. 
Authentic Jamaican food prepared by Devon
Call or email today for tickets!

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                    The Best
Please serious inquiries only
Appointment times are very limited
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In the Northwest  We have over 4500 square feet! including "The Gig Spot" our newly remodeled, 121 person capacity sloped theater style room with large stage and outstanding acoustics.  

The Gig Spot is Next to TCC Field – View The Map here!

We are just over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge serving Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, Fox Island, Purdy, Home, Vaughn, Lakebay, University Place, Fircrest, Lakewood, Federal Way, Fife, Ft. Lewis, Puyallup, McChord, Orting, Bonney Lake, Seattle, Auburn, Kent, Sea-Tac, Tukwila, Bremerton, Des Moines, Burien, Sumner and around Puget Sound!
play area
At Regan's Rock School,  you get the experience of live music, playing on the real stage! Click for details!

studio view
We also have a recording studio located on the waterfront near Gig Harbor, Washington, right inside the beautiful Wollochet Bay wildlife estuary and Wild Osprey habitat!
"Your star student (Ian) has been accepted to Cooper Union College in NY... it's like going to Harvard... you can accept some of the accolades, Regan"  Mike.K. (Ian's dad)

sky on drums
Students are encouraged to enjoy many instruments including drums, bass, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars and even ukelele

o height requirement!  From age 4 to 94, it's never to early nor too late to learn to play music!
Samantha chose Regan over several other teachers.  Read below.

From strumming and foot tapping to shredding and fret tapping...
Stevie Ray Vaughn to Eddie Van Halen, from Nine Inch Nails to Nirvana!
Visit The Gig Spot today and sign up for lessons at Regan's Rock School!
David M
David travels over an hour each week from North Seattle to learn Gospel, Reggae and African music from Regan.  He is now recording his own full length music CD!

All Ages,  All Styles, All Levels,
All Guitars, Basses and Vocals
Drums, Percussion
and Keyboards
Learn Fast, Low Rates,
Group and Family Discounts

Play music of your choice from your own MP3 player, CD's or any book
Read the Staff, TAB, Theory
Ear training and composition

Songwriting, Showmanship,
Live Performing On Stage!
Learn to record your own music
Recording studio to make your CD!

near Gig Harbor, WA~USA
on the water inside the beautiful Wollochet Bay wildlife estuary

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Standard Rock School Rates

Lots of free materials.  No contracts.  No hidden or added charges.
restringing and minor repairs

Established 1995

Standard Tuition $130 per month


ONLY $90 per mo!

Keep that rate for the first three months!
New students only,  thanks
email us today!

We offer Private lessons and group sessions.

Group sessions are an hour once per week based on audition.

Solo sessions are 30 minutes weekly with assigned instructors

Get the Full Road Warrior Package
Accelerated program with added training includes:
  • 4 band (or private) sessions
  • plus 4 added private sessions
  • Free music clinics
  • Free show tickets
only $240 $180! per mo. 

A La Cart Single Sessions are available for $35 ea


  • Family discounts are $15 per off per month per additional student
  • Military discounts are $15 off per month
  • Senior discounts are $15 off per month
[discounts cannot be combined.]
After an evaluation we assign the student to the proper program.  There may be a brief waiting period for a desired  appointment time to become available, so flexibility and availability are a plus!  

Classes are at regular reserved appointment times.  Tuition covers the entire month whether there are four or five weeks in the month.  It is the same amount even if only three or fewer sessions are used.  Our business is based on monthly tuition rather than a single "per lesson" charge as the only way we can keep our doors open.

Missed sessions cannot be refunded or rescheduled.
Please Read our FAQ’s/Policy page.

Back To School Special!

Get Four 30 minute lessons for only $90
Keep this special low rate through 2014!
(new students only, thanks)

BONUS Discount Special

Buy three months in advance for an additional 10% off! 12 consecutive weeks.
Attend all 12 of your sessions in a row and you will receive two extra bonus sessions free!


Space is limited!
Email us for an available appointment.

Stella's dad
played on stage with major label acts.  He is the guitar tech and luthier for the Foo Fighters and also formerly for Nirvana! He brings Stella to Regan's Rock School.

since 1995

After 6 years at other local teaching facilities, Andrew could barely play anything. He knew only a handful chords by name...
Exactly 8 months later with Regan, he improvises up and down the neck, plays jazz chords, scales, reads notation and easily plays by ear...

Cody attended Regan's Rock School for only 6 days consecutively and became a musician.  Although he had never played before, he expressed himself creatively through lyrics until his aunt sent him to Regan for one week.  On the final day of the seminar he was playing guitar as well as writing and recording his own songs.

All about Regan
Meet the Stars
Student Appreciation

Regan Balman
Octaman) is a professional recording artist who has played on top stages in the northwest with major label talent.  He's written and performed hundreds of original songs in several musical genres including rock, reggae and jazz.  A guitar expert, he has played for 40 years with now 20 years of professional teaching.  

His two most recent projects were  "Octaman and the All Stars" shown above live on stage at the Underwater Music Festival playing rhythmically interesting versions of popular songs both past and present, plus originals, promoting his latest CD releases...

...and "Live Sky", an exciting jazz-rock quintet from Seattle that plays progressive music by Weather Report, Tony Williams Lifetime, Pat Metheny Group and more.  They played several shows around Seattle.

Playing on a custom made Boogie Bodies guitar made famous by players like Eddie Van Halen and Eric Clapton, Regan specializes in reggae music but is proficient in many styles....

Regan is a pro's pro who shares his experience in and around the world of music with both kids and adults.   Regan is very relaxed and easy going and makes it comfortable for anybody to learn.  He can help you to play any style, from heavy metal to smooth jazz.  You will have more fun playing the guitar.  You can learn to sing and write songs very easily.  He shows you how to pull off any riff.  You can learn finger picking styles, play jazz or classical, and sight read music at a glance.  He provides expert advice on how to present yourself as a performer and coaches bands on how to put on a great show.
Groups and families welcome
Bring the whole band!

Learn what it takes to excel
at music and "climb rock mountain",
as he coaches students of all levels how to play with a simple, positive approach.  You can learn to play at a professional level, or any level of interest. He also teaches vocals, songwriting, beginning drums and keyboards with amazing short cut methods, while imparting a thorough understanding of music.

While specializing in starting young people on the guitar, Regan also offers advanced instruction.  Even very experienced players will understand the fretboard like never before, as he takes you through the scales and modes, extended chord voicing and music theory
Students are also encouraged to learn about the drums and the keyboards.  Regan is also an experienced vocal coach who focuses on pitch, power and performance.

Lessons are tailored to fit the individual.  The ultimate goal is to get you into playing your music as quickly as possible.Regardless of age or experience, individual or group lessons encourage steady growth in musical knowledge and ability.  Focus, organization, goal setting and achievement are emphasized.  Musical knowledge is key.

  We are striving for excellence
at Regan's Rock School.

coach regan
Regan Balman:  Teaching unique individuals since 1995

"I'm a personal trainer for music.  I find you the right key, set you up with the correct chords, teach you the genuine style, or an easy way to play it.  I pour my heart and soul into each individual student's improvement.  My goal for you is to play your music as soon as possible, and I work hard to help you do it....

I offer individualized instruction catered to your unique personality, I examine where each individual student is at musically and mentally and then I teach from there.  I have no "cookie cutter" approach, as there are no two musicians exactly alike.  Finding the best way to interact with different kids is what I do best.  And personal instruction is the best way to go.  An online lesson or DVD can't adjust your fingers for you, or give moment to moment feedback and offer tips on specific areas, which I do." 

Free Materials, Accurate Chords!

"I set you up with lots of songs, book material, CD's with backing tracks and more. You can have a thorough knowledge of music, how to read, how to play, how to write your own songs in one easy lesson.. You can learn theory, TABS, STAFF and complex solos and chord arrangements....

"You can't trust the internet!  But I will provide you with the correct chords and Tabs, then I can transpose any song to your key, with special time and attention devoted specifically to helping you play YOUR music the way you want to."

"EVERYONE CAN PLAY GUITAR! Not everyone can play piano. You can sit down and tinker around but not actually play right away.  But EVERYONE CAN  PLAY GUITAR right away! Right now you can play songs you love! Just put your FIRST finger on the FIRST fret on the FIRST string, give it a strum and SING!"

'Dear Sir or Madame would you read my book it took me years to write, would you take a look?'

[Paperback Writer by Lennon and McCartney]

rock of offence
All Song Lyrics and Downloads
The Octaman Biography
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Band Bios - Photos
Octaman Reviews
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Osprey Cam
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                    on stage
Regan introduces students to a Puyallup Fair audience

Hi Regan,

Thank you for bringing your students to perform at the Fair. I was so happy to see all of them confidently sharing what they have learned with you. I hope they all enjoyed the experience...

Kyla was happy with her performance and as parents we were so pleased to see her enjoy herself. You did a good job keeping all the students relaxed and they all had good performances...We look forward to lessons next Saturday.

Laurel Schultz
Program Director - Communities In Schools of Peninsula

Melanie had never learned to play guitar before, but after only two months she is recording songs, like "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen.

Matt's first day on an old guitar.  Upon inspection, Regan made a recommendation for a new guitar.  Matt's sister Lindsay plays too, at age 7 she can now read music.

Oliver as a 7 year old singer songwriter. Now age 10, he performs live on stage!
check him out on my facebook page!

"Dear Regan, Not only am I amazed at what you've been able to teach Oliver, the times I've been able to watch the lessons have really helped me understand how to help him learn (without getting frustrated myself).  Thanks for all of your time and effort." Eric S.

ed and
Parents and kids can play together at Regan's Rock School. Ed his son Sky are now in their fourth year of lessons here.  They play everything from the Pokeman theme song to Jason Mraz to the Kingsmen to the Monkees!  Sky plays the intro to "Roundabout" by Yes and his dad sings "Love Me Tender" or Fire and Rain" by James Taylor. They rock!
And how cool is Mitchell?  A songwriter at age 9, his band will be "The Fedoras"

Lewella is a fine singer at 14 who desires to go pro.

"Will really enjoys working with you and we are delighted you guys have bonded as student/teacher....Thanks Regan. You are making a positive impact on his life. I am in your debt."   Col. William "Buck" James, US Army
Ross"'Ross did his Senior Presentation today and it was phenomenal!! ....It was so amazing!... He spoke extremely highly of his mentor, friend and guitar teacher, Regan Balman. Regan has been much more then a music teacher to Ross. He has given him guidance in numerous areas, friendship, praise and a safe place to learn and express himself. As Ross put it today,  'Regan really helped him develop into who he is, he's a very cool guy and I can't say enough about him'....
"Thank you for your patience and influence & being such a special person & friend to Ross!  You bring much Joy to his life!"  Tracy and Matt

Regan receives an email from Sammie's mom on sampling various local guitar teachers...

"Hi  Regan,

I am checking out guitar teachers for my daughter. We would like a "sample" lesson, if you offer them. I am setting up a few of them with a couple of other places as well. My daughter is a little shy, so the right teacher is really important.  I like how your website portrays you, and I think you could be a good fit. I look forward to hearing from you."  K

a few days after the trial lesson..  "Hi Regan,

 Thanks for the lesson! She really liked you. She said you were "very encouraging" and "super patient", so that's really great. You simultaneously moved her forward and kept her going, so I think it went well, too. We have one more sample lesson today, and we will contact you if that is where this leads! "  K

Regan Replies...  Thanks K,

It's always nice to hear those kinds of comments from my students.  I hope to work with her, but either way it was nice meeting you all.

I specialize in introducing the guitar to young people and taking the student on a short cut to the end of the game, which is playing the music they like right away.  Meanwhile I impart a more thorough understanding of the instrument than others generally provide.  I am often a refuge for students who have given up on other teaching programs.  Please let me know if I can be of service. Thanks again, Regan

Final Result :  "Hi Regan,

She would love for you to be her teacher! She really liked your energy.... She would like to start next week, if you're available. I look forward to hearing from you."  K

Update:  Sammie is still a regular weekly student after three years from June of 2009 through today!

"Thanks for everything ~ I hope you know how much I appreciate everything you do for Ian and Conner." Sue K.

"Andrew is so excited to play for us all on Christmas. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful, inspiring teacher, he really enjoys your class. We all wish you a very merry Christmas and we will see you next week. THANK YOU" J.M.

"Your talent is a gift to everyone who has the chance to hear or be a part of it.  Scott was thrilled with the time you took with him.  Says he learned more from you than from anyone and it enhanced his enjoyment when he plays his guitar."  Berta G.

"Thank you so much for spending extra time with Josee and myself last night!!!  What a treat it was to hear you play and to see Josee so excited about making music!  It was also wonderful to talk about something I am so passionate about, health and nutrition, and to get to know you as a person and not only Josee's music coach  You definitely added to a wonderful day yesterday!!  Take care and we will see you next week!!!" L.O.

"She practiced last night and sounded awesome...  Thanks so much for being so sensitive to her needs.  You are an awesome teacher and person!!  So, tell me, have you ever studied education and teaching?  If not, you have a gift in that way, that is for certain!!!  I really enjoyed listening to you as always! L.O.

"Just a little thank- you note for your gentle hand with me today. You have an uncanny ability to know what I need and like. I want you to know how much I really like and appreciate you and am thankful... Thanks for making me coffee… That was awesome! It’s the little things that matter most.  You really are a neat person, Regan and one helluva musician! Thank you for everything! ... Your friend--- " Patti H.

"I appreciated your patience with our daughter and I just wanted to tell you how much she enjoyed herself.  After her first lesson, she left feeling proud and hopeful.   What more could parents ask for:-)  See you next Saturday." K.

"Thanks for your patience and musical instruction.  We really appreciate your ability and desire to help Cameron.  Sincerely" John and Cyndi H.

                        S. bass
"Thanks for everything including your patience and motivation" Denise S

"Hi Regan,
 Thanks for another great lesson and your patience with us! Right when we got home they picked up their guitars and wanted to keep playing."  G.

"I truly thank you for all you've poured into  Isaac. I have no hesitation to recommend you." Brian L.

Thank you for being a part of Ian's life - he greatly admires you and your teaching talents. S.S.

"Dear Regan, Thank you for all you're doing to help Taylor.  I know he will make you proud... May God continue to bless you and your music. With love and admiration" Joan S. [vocalist for Glenn Miller Orchestra]

                                  Rock School
Est. 1995

We Play REAL Rock Band

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