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Plus blues, pop, reggae, rap, ska, alternative, jazz, metal, classical,
country, soul, folk, punk, funk, fusion, gospel, R&B  more! 
Established 1995

Guitars – Bass – Drums - Vocals - Keyboards - more!

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Open Tuesday - Saturday Noon to 9 PM
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6615 38th Ave NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
Right Next to TCC Field
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Meet one of the Wailers of Jamaica!

Devon I. EvansGrandmaster percussionist Devon I. Evans, an original member of the Bob Marley and the Wailers, will be returning again to Regan's Rock School coming August 8 in 2014.  Tickets soon available at

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Regan Balman:  Director
20 year teacher
40 year player,
recording artist

July 21, 2014

"Hi I'm Regan.  After nearly 20 years of private lesson teaching, I've now built a program that excels that old outdated model for learning.  While we still offer private style music lessons, our new program is more of an alternative "home school" style of teaching where musicians learn by doing, the right way right away.  The atmosphere is fun and exciting as we rehearse and then perform on a real stage in front of an audience.  Coaches, sound equipment and lights and even instruments are provided, making this the place to be for authentic professional music training.

Much like Ted Brown's "Live it out loud" program, we put young people together in rock bands and different kinds of music ensembles and have them play performances.  That's what we do here at Regan's Rock School, however the difference is we do more, with added clinics and classes and teachers and far more frequent performing opportunities year-round.

A new and exciting aspect of our school is our junior instructor program.  Currently we work with some young teachers who are already professional musicians and who have been especially recruited for their demonstrated excellence in music performance.  Each were tested and are now paid to teach here at the school.  These young mentors earn money to support their music, meanwhile serving to inspire our newer musicians by sharing in the fun of making music.  They make great strides together and it's fun to watch.  The junior instructors benefit as the old axiom says, we learn best ourselves by showing others.  Meanwhile the newer musicians get better and stronger each week at singing and playing their instruments.  The smiles from parents and kids alike are proving this to be a wonderful aspect of our program.

And then there are the stars: We also give you opportunities to learn from celebrity coaches. Just a few weeks ago we had Jules Radino from Blue Oyster Cult give us a great drum clinic.  Gig Harbor's own nationally known band The Beatniks give periodic concerts and clinics as well.  Jesse Fredeen from the group Champagne Sunday teaches two weekly classes here on songwriting and performance.  And Devon Evans, originally a member of Bob Marley and the Wailers, returns August 8 to The Gig Spot for our Regan's Rock School student spotlight concert.  With more stars to come out in the coming year, Regan's Rock School is the premiere music training facility in the area. 

We also offer free passes and discounts exclusively to Regan's Rock School students to all the great music shows and clinics that we put on at The Gig Spot, our chosen location. We have a great musical training facility.  Live music performance opportunities abound!  And, students will be granted the freedom to experience different instruments, play in different ensemble arrangements, try drums, sing, play guitar or bass and other instruments as well.  Students can learn different aspects of the industry, such as running sound and lighting, and volunteer jobs are available. Recording facilities will soon be offered, too.  Then our students can create their own music CD's and learn the art of promotion and sales on top of all that.

All this is for one low monthly tuition of $130.  You can receive extra coaching with the total Road Warrior package, 8 sessions for $240. Military or family discounts are available.  Tuition is payable at the first of the month, we take cash, checks or credit cards. 

To get started:  We make an appointment.  The first session is free.  It's a meet and greet evaluation.  As Director I will determine what program would in my opinion be the best fit for the particular student and then assign them to the most appropriate class, teacher or program for them. 

(Those students who are not interested in performing may be accommodated, however due to limited availability of appointments, preference will be shown to those who are indeed interested in the performing aspect of music, as that is the spirit and the heart of our program, getting young and old alike on the performing stage for fun, musical knowledge and experience. )

Thanks for your time and participation!  We appreciate your business as it helps to build up our music community while saving a local landmark, which is our community theater.  Thank you all, see you at The Gig Spot for the next session of Regan's Rock School!

                    The BestAt Regan's Rock School,  you get the experience of live music, playing on the real stage!

The Gig Spot has a remodeled 121 capacity sloped theater style room, large stage and outstanding acoustics.

      • masonBe in an awesome rock band!
      • work with celebrity teachers
      • Patient one-on-one instruction
      • Multiple Instrument Training
      • Recording Studio
      • Industry standard gear
      • Knowledgeable service 

In the
                          NorthwestLocated right in the heart of Gig Harbor between downtown and uptown both The Gig Spot and Regan's Rock School recording studio are just over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge serving Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Seattle, Port Orchard, Fox Island, Purdy, Home, Vaughn, Lakebay, University Place, Fircrest, Lakewood, Federal Way, Fife, Ft. Lewis, Puyallup, McChord, Orting, Bonney Lake, South Prairie, Auburn, Renton, Everett, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Silverdale, Kent, Sea-Tac, Tukwila, Bremerton, Des Moines, Burien, Sumner, all around Puget Sound.
Regan's Rock School also has a recording studio location on Wollochet Bay!


Let Andrew tell you why Regan's Rock School is Gig Harbor's premiere music program

All Ages - All Styles - All Levels,
Perform music of your choice:
Learn great songs in 10 minutes!
Play Live Concerts at The Gig Spot!

Record your own music on MP3 or CD!

Read Staff, TAB, Theory
and playing by ear

Live Performing, Songwriting,
Full Band Rehearsing and Coaching
Family, Military, Senior Discounts
for added family members, active or retired military,
and people 65 and over

Established 1995

Standard Tuition $130 per month

We offer Private sessions and band sessions.
Band sessions
are an hour once per week based on audition.
Solo sessions are 30 minutes weekly with assigned instructors
Save with 3 months in advance only $330 [12 sessions total]

Get the Full Road Warrior Package
Accelerated program with added teachers and training includes:
4 band (or private) sessions
*plus 4 added private sessions
Free music clinics
Free show tickets
only $240 per mo.
*or add just 2 private sessions instead (optional), $200 per mo.  total

A La Cart Single Sessions are available for $35 ea

Classes are held weekly at a regular reserved appointment time.  Tuition covers the month whether five weeks, four weeks, or fewer*
Missed sessions cannot be refunded or rescheduled.
*Read our FAQ’s/Policy page.
After an evaluation Regan will assign the student to the proper program.  There may be a brief waiting period for a desired  appointment time to become available, so flexibility and availability are a plus! 


  • Family discounts are $15 per off per month per additional student
  • Military discounts are $15 off per month
  • Senior discounts are $15 off per month

[discounts cannot be combined.]

Regan Says:

Not everyone can play piano. You can sit down and tinker around but not actually play .
But EVERYONE can play guitar right away! Right now you can play songs you love!
Just put your FIRST finger on the FIRST fret on the FIRST string, give it a strum and SING!”

‘Dear Sir or Madame would you read my book it took me years to write, would you take a look?’
[Paperback Writer by Lennon and McCartney]

“I’m your coach and personal trainer for music. ... I pour my heart and soul into each individual student’s improvement. ...I offer individualized instruction catered to your unique personality. I examine where each individual student is at musically and personality wise and then I go from there. ...There’s no cookie cutter approach, as there are no two musicians exactly alike. ...personal instruction is the best way to go.  An online lesson or DVD can’t adjust your fingers for you, or give moment to moment feedback and offer tips on specific areas, which I always do.

I am honored to help you or your child achieve your musical goals.”

Meet More Regan's Rock School Teachers

  Solo Performance Workshop
"Sing Your Story"
Jessi Fredeen from Champagne Sunday
Attend Jessi's weekly master class
on Music Performance and Songwriting each Tuesday at 5 PM At The Gig Spot.  Drop ins are welcome!

Meet one of the Wailers of Jamaica!

Devon I. EvansGrandmaster percussionist Devon I. Evans, an original member of the Bob Marley and the Wailers, will be returning again to Regan's Rock School to present a hand drumming and percussion seminar! Coming August 8 in 2014.  Tickets available at

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